Central Banking and the Greatest Con Job in the History of Finance

peoples trust toronto

One of the greatest con jobs in history was convincing ordinary people that Central Bankers care about the ?economy? or Main Street.

Aside from the complete lack of relevance that Main Street has for Central Bankers from a professional perspective (more on this in a moment), when do you think was the last time that Janet Yellen or her ilk spent an evening with non-banker/financial types? Years ago? Decades ago?

Yellen lives in a super-affluent, gated part of Washington DC. And even within that subset of the US population she lives in a higher echelon: her entourage of security annoys her wealthy neighbors? though I suspect part of the annoyance stems from jealousy.

Regard professional significance? why would Janet Yellen care about ordinary people? They?re just data points in her financial models. Ordinary people didn?t place her at the Fed (the big banks did). And they didn?t place her as…

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