Using Triangulation to Predict the Consequences of a Trump, Hillary, or Bernie Presidency

The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – May 2016

The term “triangulation” was coined by Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Dick Morris, to describe their administration’s tactic of seeking bipartisan agreement. According to Morris, a triangulated position is “a position that not only blends the best of each party’s views but also transcends them to constitute a third force in the debate.” Understanding this term is absolutely key to accurately assessing what each potential presidential administration could realistically achieve is if elected.

Depending upon the post-election distribution of power—presidency, House and Senate—there is a staggeringly wide distribution of outcomes. Power is likely to be divided between the parties and potentially very little will get done, but there are clear areas of agreement where the passage of new policies is possible. The following Venn diagram illustrates some of the triangulated issues between each potential power divide. The areas of intersection between each group…

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